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Buy CBUM Protein Itholate 2023 by Chris Bumstead

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Buy CBUM Protein - Itholate 2023

We all know that CBum is an international body building personality who is a four time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner along with his brand Cbum RAW provides protein in many variations and his brand is loved by people who are interested in fitness and bodybuilding. So Many People Search Cbum Protein in Internet.

In today’s article we are going to talk about protein based on its customer review, specification, advantage and price we have mentioned below protein in this article if you want to buy then know the variables so that it proves easy for you.

One of the Best CBUM Protein 

RAW CBUM Itholate Whey Protein Powder

One of the Best Cbum Protein 
✅Flavor NameCinnamon Crunch Cereal
✅ Formulated By Chris Bumstead (CBUM)
✅Carbohydrates2 gm
✅Dimensions6 x 6 x 10 inches
✅Weight0.88 Ounces

Premium Specification

  • So Many flavors like Cinnamon Crunch Cereal, Vanilla Oatmeal Cookie, and Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • 100% micro-filtered
  • highest quality standards protein
  • only 2g of carbohydrates
  • High Selling Protein Supplement

With 25g of protein per scoop and 100% micro-filtered whey itholate, CBUM Series Itholate Protein ensures that you are performing at your highest level and achieving some insane gains.

One of the Best Cbum Protein 
Image: Coalition Nutrition

CBUM Protein flavouring was personally created by Chris Bumstead to produce a premium product with leading & industry-standard profiles.

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In order to make your post-workout routine as Thavage as possible, Chris Bumstead personally created and flavor-infused this protein. To ensure you’re achieving your full potential, CBUM ISO Protein is 100% mico-filtered whey isolate and contains 25g of the highest quality standards protein per scoop.


CBUM Protein is available in many different flavors including Cinnamon Crunch Cereal, Vanilla Oatmeal Cookie, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. CBUM Itholate Protein is a low carb protein and one of the best proteins for fitness one bodybuilding.

My Name Is Alpesh Aal. I Am Full Time Blogger. Today We Have Talked About Cbum Protein. So I Hope That You Have Got Some Knowledge From My Written Information.

If you want to contact me, you can message me anytime on Instagram, here is the link of my Instagram account https://instagram.com/alpeshaal16?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


How many grams of protein are in CBUM?

25gm of protein are in CBUM.

Does cbum own RAW Nutrition?

Chris Bumstead becomes co-owner in the fast-growing Raw Nutrition.

Is CBUM Protein lactose free?

Lactose free.

Is 200g protein a day enough bodybuilding?

225 grams of protein per day.

Which is the king of protein?

Whey is the king of protein.

What is number 1 rich in protein?

Lean Beef is number 1 rich in protein.

Who is the CEO of Raw Nutrition?

Kairi Jeffries CEO of Raw Nutrition.

How much creatine is in cbum?

3,000 mg creatine is in cbum.

What brand is CBUM?

Jacked Factory Supplements.

Is Chris Bumstead age?

28 Years (February 2, 1995)

Is protein powder actually healthy?

Yes, protein powder provided that it is a high-quality, independently verified product with little sugar and no potentially dangerous additives, and this is healthy.

How much protein per kg?

0.8 grams.

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