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boAt New Airdopes Max Earbuds: Review, Feature and Price

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boAt New Airdopes Max Earbuds: Review and Specifications

We all know that boAt is one of the best brands for electric accessories like earbuds, headphones, so now, boAt has launched their new Airdopes Max Earbuds in India.

The Earbuds provide up to 100 hours of battery life and are of the best quality. The boAt has also launched a new smartwatch along with these Earbuds.

Earbuds i.e. TWS ear phones have been launched and they provide us with 100 hours of battery life.

Airdopes Max Earbuds Feature

So let us know about their specification, future, design, and look in detail.

Battery Life

If we talk about the battery life of this boAt Earbuds Airdopes Max, its battery life is 100 hours, which means that this battery life is very high in the case of Earbuds.

In short bot Airdopes Max Earbuds provide us with 100 hours of battery life with the case.

Water Resistance

Talking about the water resistance of the Earbuds, they are IPX5 certified which means we get a sweet and water resistant rating.

Airdopes Max Earbuds



Therefore, in terms of water resistance, Air Butt is said to be the best

Touch Control

In the Earbuds we find a small touch control that means the user can do different things with a single tap.

Its touch control will be very high processing.


Earbuds i.e. bot Airdopes Max, if we talk about audio, will be equipped with a 13 MH driver.

Sound Quality

When we talk about the sound quality, we get a very clear-cut sound while calling and we also get the facility of ENx technology.

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boAt company says that in these Earbuds we will also get the signature sound of the board

Bluetooth Connectivity

Talking about the Bluetooth connectivity in the Earbuds, it supports 5.3 connectivity.

Airdopes Max Earbuds



And along with this, it supports voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.


In the Earbuds i.e. boAt Airdopes Max we get a 650 mAh battery in the case and inside each Earbuds we get a 35 mAh battery.

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And the company i.e. boAt has said that this company provides us with a total of 100 hours of battery life with the case.

And we can fast charge it through the USB port of the earphone.


The company has launched the Earbuds in Carbon Black, Blue, and Ivory White colors.


Knowing the price of Earbuds i.e. BOAT Airdopes Max which provides us hundred hours with the case, we will be a little surprised that such Earbuds are available at such a price.

So let me tell you that the price of these Earbuds is only 1199 rupees.

Get 100 hours of listening time with these boAt Airdopes Max Earbuds, Priced less than 1200 Know its review and specifications.


boAt has launched its new Airdopes Max Earbuds and a new Smart Watch in which we have discussed Airdopes Max Earbuds in detail about its specifications and review in detail.

As told you it provides us with a battery life of up to 100 hours with the pretty good case.

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What Is The Prize Of  Airdopes Max Earbuds?

The Price Of  Airdopes Max Earbuds Is 1199 Rupees In India.

Which Airdopes have 150 hours?

 boAt Airdopes 621.

Where and when did boAt launch his new earbuds?

boAt has launched its new Earbuds Airdopes Max and this earbuds has been launched on July 13.

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